Review: Is It Legit Essay Writing Service

Unless you are an expert writer with skills in writing essays, whipping a high quality essay is not a cup of tea. This is not just you; a lot of people cannot come up with content that makes a good essay and most of them do not have the time. This is where essay writing services come in. Review: Is It Legit Essay Writing Service

Students in the United States and anywhere in the world are in need of service they can trust. This is in relation to the quality of work and the speed of delivery. For students looking for UK essay writing services reviews, you can have a look at one of the many US writing companies providing essay writing services in UK one of them being

Exploration of – it is a US-based writing service company providing writing services to UK customers and has 5 years of experience and claims to have over one thousand writers working around the clock to deliver US and UK essay writing services, and also to students across the continents.

The EssayWriter company website has an about page which explains a few important points including the type of services they offer which are high school book reports and essays, college term papers and research papers. At least you will not have to go far looking for what the company is all about.


The home page of is professionally designed such that even a novice can find what they are looking for without getting lost. Everything is straight forward and the company has gone a step further to place a table with the different prices to cut short the process of finding out how much your order will cost. In simple terms Essay has a home page that is user-friendly and anyone would love using this page. Review: Is It Legit Essay Writing Services

Quality Of Work

With the professional services promised by the website, you need not expect anything less than perfect. Of course you might have to get the work redone if there are some parts that do not match with your expectation. There might be a few complains but nothing too big to undermine the quality of services provided by the company.

Most of the students giving feedback (reviews) submitted their work and got great grades and thus you should expect nothing less.

There are more than 1000 US and UK essay writers all waiting to complete different orders in different niches and levels and this is what works positively for the company. – isn’t the best essay writing service in the UK, but you can try top rated company!

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Delivery Of Services

Making an order has been simplified though sometimes the response might be a bit slow. Though this is the case, when your order is taken, you will not have to wait for ages to get your paper back. The writers will start working on the order immediately and will deliver long before the deadline. Review: Is It Reliable Essay Writing Service

Most students are on a tight schedule and would like their orders delivered quick and this is one of the best websites to offer fast services and not compromise the quality. The company hands you the paper and the rights to the content. They claim not to resell the paper and will delete the paper from their database once they have handed the final copy and you are satisfied.

Customer Support

There is an online chat option where you can chat with a live agent and have all your questions answered. Apart from the few times that the chat did not have a response, this communication channel is quite efficient.


As aforementioned, there is a pricing table at EssayWriter org showing estimates that you can use to calculate the cost of your order prior to placing it. The pricing might not be the cheapest available but the UK essay writing services are quite good. There are also great discounts for customers. Review: Is It Reliable Essay Writing Services

In Conclusion is not all that cheap and you might get cheaper services elsewhere, but the services are of great quality and the choice remains yours. All factors in my review considered, scored about 65% and is therefore one of the US-based companies offering UK essay writing services that are worth checking out. – isn’t the best essay writing service in the UK, but you can try top rated company!

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