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While I was completely occupied with various assignments, my law faculty surprised me by adding to the pile two more essays – The Affordable Care Act and Property and Intellectual Property Rights. Due to lack of time and other priorities, I decided to outsource them to one of the providers of custom writing service in the UK. These services save you from stress and keep your priorities undisturbed. Also, the quality of the final write-up that you receive is simply amazing. Essay Writing Service Review

I didn’t have much time to search over the web for one. Thus, I bought the advice of one of my team members and directly went to to place an order. Official Website

Design and user experience play a significant role, and I felt the site had taken a good care of both these aspects. Unlike other websites of essay writing in the United Kingdom, the color of UKEssay site was subtle, and the order placement form placed on the top was adding to its charm. Essay Writing Service Reviews

The registration process was rapid and hassle free. It just asked for my email Id, and after verification of the same, it took me to the order placing webpage. The popup of the live chat was quite annoying. The bots were popping up quite frequently with some random messages.

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Initially, I believed that the website only offers online essay writing service but the order placing form made the picture clear. The field that said “Type of Paper” showed a plenty of services, for instance, business plan, creative writing, research paper, lab report, etc. The other fields were:

  • Topic
  • Subject
  • Number of Pages
  • Deadline
  • Name of the Writer

On filling the form, I was asked for the category. There were three categories – Standard, Premium, and Platinum. I selected the second one and started receiving the bids. I found the rates a bit high. My two write-ups had a word limit of 800 words each, and the minimum bid that we came across was $100. I was expecting all the bidders to be British essay writers, but they belonged to different nations and fields. Few of them were college students, few were teachers, there were some who were creative writers, etc. I finalized one with the bid $103 based on his reviews, success rate, etc. Essay Writing Service Review

While I waited for the UKEssay writer to complete our order, I decided to read some of the reviews of this essay writing company in Britain on multiple sites. While some had rated it as the best, some were not satisfied with the professional writers of this essay writing website of the UK. The mixed reviews confused me, and I waited for the site to notify us on our work completion.

Work Quality

The writer claims he usually writes for major law firms and has a good knowledge of the niche. I didn’t find it true when we received a paper. Somewhere in our paper, he defined a few terms completely wrong. Regarding English and Grammar, the write-up was great, but the technical aspect made me resend the work for rework. Essay Writing Service Review

All in all, for essay writing help in UK, UKEssays portal is quite attractive, but when it comes to related technical aspects, one needs to explain the writer in a detailed manner to keep any rework rounds at bay.

Pros and Cons to Consider Before You Buy Services from


  1. Simple to Use.
  2. A Wide Database of Writers to Choose From.
  3. Placing an Order is Quick.
  4. A Plenty of Citations.
  5. Lots of Payment Options.


  1. The Live Chat Form is Annoying.
  2. Price is Quite High.
  3. The Tracking Element is not at all Useful.

Verdict for review: I’d like to award website a score of 7.5 out of 10. This portal is quite helpful, and it does full justice to your investment that you make. However, I think a verification process for all its writers can keep the bogus ones at bay.

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